2011 CES Tablets

Posted on Jan 21, 2011 in Blog, tech

In October I said I expected 80+ tablet launches at 2011 CES.  AS CES approached it was clear 2011 was going to be the year of the tablet and a few days before the show I said that my 80+ estimate was looking conservative.  I updated my expectations and said I wouldn't be surprised by 100+ tablet launches at CES and by my count we saw over one hundred launches. Here is a draft list of the launches we saw:

When time allows, I'll try to add additional information to this table.

OEMNameNewtablet or e-ReaderScreen sizeOS
Acericonia tab a500Newtablet10Android
AcerIconia W7 tabletNewtablet10.1Windows
AsusEee Slate EP121Newtablet12Windows
AsusEee Pad SliderNewtablet10Android
AsusEee Pad MeMoNewtablet7Android
AsusEee Pad TransformerNewtablet10Android
AugenLatte GrandNewtablet7Android
DellStreak 10Newtablet10Android
DellStreak 7Newtablet7Android
eFunNextbook Next4Newtablet10Android
eFunNextbook Next6Newtablet7Android
EnspertIdentity Tab E201Newtablet7Android
EnspertIdentity Tab E301Newtablet7Android
EntouragePocket eDGeNewe-Reader6Android
Freescale24 different modelsvariedtabletvariedvaried
Fujitsuunnamed Windows 7 tabletNewtablet7Windows
FujitsuLifebook T901Newtablet13.1Windows
Gajah Internationalmultiple e-ReadersNewe-Reader7unknown
HanvonWISEreader N500Newe-Reader5WinCE
HanvonWISEreader N618Newe-Reader6WinCE
HanvonWISEreader N628Newe-Reader6WinCE
HanvonWISEreader N638Newe-Reader6WinCE
HanvonWISEreader N800Newe-Reader8WinCE
Key IngredientDemyPreviously Releasede-Readerunknown
Knosingle screenNewtablet14Linux
LenovoWindows7 slateNewtablet10Windows
LGOptimus tabletNewtablet8.9Android
LG T-mobileG-SlateNewtablet10Android
Motion ComputingCL900Newtablet10Windows
MSIWindPad 100ANewtablet10Android
MSIWindPad 100WNewtablet10Windows
MSIKid Padprototypetablet10Android
NECCloud Communicator LT-WNewtablet7Android
Netbook NavigatorNav7Newtablet7Windows
Netbook NavigatorNav9Newtablet8.9Windows
Netbook NavigatorNav10iNewtablet10.1Windows
notion ink adamtabletNewtablet10Android
OpenPeakOpenTablet 10Newtablet10Android
PandigitalMultimedia NovelNewe-Reader9Android
PandigitalMultimedia NovelNewe-Reader7Android
PocketBook-USA, Inc.902/903Newe-Reader9.7Linux
PocketBook-USA, Inc.602/603Newe-Reader6Linux
PocketBook-USA, Inc.701 IQNewe-Reader7Android
SamsungGalaxy Tab WiFiPreviously Releasedtablet7Android
SharpGalapogas E-media TabletNewe-Reader5.5Linux
SharpGalapogas E-media TabletNewe-Reader10.8Linux
toshibaToshiba TabletNewtablet10Android
Velocity MicroCruz tabletNewtablet7Android
Velocity MicroCruz tabletNewtablet8Android
Velocity MicroCruz tabletNewtablet10Android
ViewsonicViewPad 10Newtablet10.1Android/Windows
ViewsonicViewPad 10sNewtablet10.1Android
VizioVizio (Via) TabletNewtablet8Android
SamsungGalaxy Tab 4GNewtablet7Android


  1. A full list of the tablets that launched at #CES: http://www.shawndubravac.com/2011/01/201...

  2. @Twoopinions Should we add a column for release date (if announced)? Wasn't sure if by " additional information" you just meant more models.

  3. @DeviceGuy yes, plans to add release date, price, etc.

  4. Nice work! wait..source is me: http://www.shawndubravac.com/2011/01/201... RT @crenk: all Tablets Launched CES11 http://goo.gl/fb/69icZ #noCite #digitalThievery

  5. @Twoopinions Wouldn't expect much else from a site that posts news updates on 4chan browser extensions...

  6. Seems like you missed a few...


  7. This is great. But needs a filter, so I can easily discover which Tablet is the right one for me. Plus a link to reviews on TechCrunch or Engadget or something like that.

  8. This table need a column for date when each device is available!

  9. That's a whole lotta companies screaming "ME TOO!". Some call it competition for Apple, and surely it is (although most of it will fall unmourned by the wayside - please recall all the "ME TOO!" iPod wannabes of yesteryear).

    But what this surge in product will do primarily is legitimize the move from PCs to tablets (for users with average needs- you hardcore Linux types need not get all lathered up over this). That's nothing but good news for the leader in this space, 'cause it takes a village to change a paradigm.

  10. 100 CES Tablets but it's still all about the iPad.

  11. not gonna page through eight pages of the list. Why not let it scroll?

  12. Odd,
    Post a comment and you get to see the whole list....

  13. Good list but it could have done with a couple more columns...


    I realise those fields may be hard to populate, but it would give us an indication of which are vaporware, which I suspect most are.

  14. Good list to keep to see in a year the survival of the fittest!

  15. Many of the "Android" tablets listed will have different hardware configurations and therefore require different tablet software, none of which exists yet to bring them to life. In other words, many of them will be DOA. A successful product of this scale requires a sustainable competitive advantage. A year from now, we'll wonder what these people were thinking.

  16. Those of you pining for cost and availability entries in the table. Comes under "wouldn't it be nice?" The majority of these things are barely a rivet past vaporware. Wait a year and see which of these wanna-be's sees the light of day.

    For the moment, the NYTimes technology has a decent summary of the handful of actual contenders.



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